Love on Ice: Stacey and Mike's Antarctica Elopement Adventure

Picture this: October 2023, Antarctica, during a ski expedition with Ice Axe Expeditions. Stacey and Mike decided to turn their snowy escapade into something extraordinary – an elopement at the edge of the world. As their photographer, I was in for a treat capturing their love story against the stunning backdrop of Charlotte Bay, the first place our feet touched on the icy continent, with mountainous landscapes stretching all the way to the South Pole.

Stacey and Mike, fueled by adventure, kicked off the day gliding through the pristine snow on skis. Then, as the sun reached its zenith, they decided to turn this exploration into a declaration of love. Choosing a beautiful, sunlit day, they exchanged vows in the afternoon, surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of Antarctica. The mountains behind them stood as silent witnesses to a love story that unfolded in the heart of one of the most remote and breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

Adding to the magic, Ashleigh Stevens of Ice Axe Expeditions specifically got ordained for this occasion so that she could officiate a legal ceremony on the Antarctic continent. Rich Mayer, a backcountry ski guide, made sure we were all in a safe area without danger of crevasses.

Against the backdrop of auks' soothing calls, Stacey and Mike experienced a ceremony so beautiful it became the most captivating moment I've ever witnessed as a photographer. The contrast of their love against the stark, untouched beauty of Antarctica created a visual narrative that words could hardly capture. A photographer's dream!

And the adventure continued! Post-ceremony, they ascended the glacier, and took their first ski turns together as husband and wife, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their love story amidst the pristine white expanses of Antarctica.

The day didn't end there - with the ship anchored in the icy waters, Stacey and Mike ascended to the upper deck, where glasses clinked and champagne flowed, toasting to a love as boundless as the Antarctic landscapes surrounding them.

Under the vast polar sky, a unique finale awaited. In a daring plunge into the icy waters, they embraced the polar plunge, sealing their commitment with an exhilarating rush and laughter that echoed against the frozen expanse.

In this uncharted realm of love and ice, Stacey and Mike's expedition became more than an elopement – it became a story written in whispers of ice, a tale as rare and thrilling as the frozen world they dared to make their own.

check out stacey & mike's elopement video:

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